Hearty smile

Hearty smile


Hearty smile silkroad project model

It worries poorly and it is lost without receiving the medical treatment with a cordial young life of children in the silk road the level of the medical treatment knowledge is not enough now.

This cannot be overlooked as doctor's mission. Right to praise the future that everyone should give. I want only to make it to save children who have the right. The child ..under emptiness clearing completely.. and mothers want to be healthy and to increase as much as one bright smile. This "Hearty smail" silk road project started from such a desire.

A part of sales of this ribbon is offered as cost of the hygiene consideration improvement education of a medicine and mothers necessary for the treatments of the children who bear tomorrow of the silk road neighboring countries including Kyrgyz Republic etc. It wants to receive support of everybody.

"Meeting that thinks about the healthy future of silk road" representative Doctor of Medicine Nakashima year Expo

Here application ..inquiry and purchase......etc

Ribbon magnet 1,680 yen(including tax)
"Hearty smile silkroad project model"