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- Do you know Kyrgyz?

- Do you know the rheumatic fever?
http://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/rheumatic fever

Rheumatic fever was a complication of the a kind of A group hemolytic streptococcus infection of the indigenous bacterium of the infant, and I invaded the central nervous system, and a joint, a heart, kidney were mortal diseases more. If put it simply, greenish mucus appears, and a throat becomes bright red; if catch cold, take antibiotic well, and is the disease that was said to when inspect the pee. It rages to postwar stour worldwide, and it is thought that the aftereffects of the rheumatic fever participate in about 30% of the Japanese heart valve symptom of the over-sixties now. However, after discovery of the penicillin of Fleming, it was the disease in "the past" without what even developed nation - Vietnam including Japan, Malaysia almost examined to show it in (chart below) up to the present.

In the Kyrgyz Republic, it was a boggler for a researcher after Soviet Union collapse that the patients who suffered from rheumatic fever increased as for 2.8 times. Furthermore, rheumatic fever of the childhood period became a motive of the heart valve symptom, and a risk factor and the it being it possible nature of the heart trouble to occupy the half of the cause of death in the Central Asia area including the country were shown by the second visit investigation that I performed in 2007.

I pass through ten several years after Soviet Union collapse, and there is the Central Asia countries environment to surround now in the situation bottom that resembled Japan for the high economic period of growth after World War II. In then Japan, tuberculosis was afraid of as illness of the death and dropped an economic socially big shadow without remaining in medical care. Heart sudden death of the labor age (20 years old, around 64 years old) becomes the problem very much equally now in the Central Asia countries.

By St. Marianna University School of Medicine and the result of the collaboration of the Kyrgyz Republic, a thing in the root became clear an infectious disease called the hemolytic streptococcus infection that could be treated easily this time by the present age. Therefore, for the area concerned, it is clear that this plan is a serious social theme. The sense of impending crisis emerges in Mr. Nakajima (Dr.Toshi) having been appointed as a national adviser of the Kyrgyz Republic.

* The rate of the rheumatic fever has increased suddenly after break-up of the Soviet Union (2.8 times) in 1989