Dr. Toshi

Doctor of Medicine Mr.Nakashima Japanese rheumatism foundation "Novartis rheumatism medicine prize in 2005" are won. It is an authority of the joint rheumatism treatment research.


This site was managed when growing last year, and Mr. U was said purport. ..so.. "Will only holding out be really important?"

There is stiffening in the morning in a feature symptom of rheumatism. The symptom that it is not easy to stand up after it sits similar and longing also. How had you answered compared with such an appeal up to now?

Let's hold out. Do it improve? Let's endure it a little more. ・・・・・・No do be known whether "You may not hold out" is possibly the answer either.

Do the be known of the whole society including the health care practitioner such as not only the patient and the family but also surrounding people and doctor literacy (knowledge and education) to the sickness of rheumatism is improved and no do be known whether "It will not be necessary even to hold out" is GAMBA target of this site from early morning like flexible time system * either.

* System to which flextime worker can freely decide time of start of work and ending. The number also of enterprises that introduce it to achieve the worker's life and the harmony of work has increased.

February 2008