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Appropriately "Rheumatism fun-site"'s recognizing the importance of protection information, and using, and protecting it promise, and all of original of recognition that it is a social responsibility.

Toshihiro Nakajima M.D., Ph.D. and Fun-site director Ryuichi Kawamura

1. For collection and use of individual information

(1) Definition of individual information All of information that can identify a specific individual by our company are defined as individual information.

(2) Individual information is collected, and it uses and it offers it. After the collection purpose is clearly notified beforehand, and it wins consent, it uses it within the necessary range when customer's individual information is collected. Moreover, collected information is not offered without obtaining the person in question's agreement indicating to the third party as long as there are no reasonable, clear circumstances. Please contact the information the following charge when the confirmation, indication, the correction, the suspension, and the deletion are hoped to the individual etc. after it offers it. I will correspond promptly according to the procedure of prescribed our company after confirming it is a person in question who offered individual information.

(3) Consignment of individual information processing It obligates that it selects based on the selection standard the consignment that our company provided ahead when the individual information processing is consigned, and the leakage etc. are not generated by the contract.

2. Proper management of individual information It lectures on measures for safety and the correction to prevent unlawful computer access, the loss, damage, the falsification, and the leakage, etc. to collected individual information.

3. Toutomamo of law and standard Our company does the law and the standard applied for had individual information in Toutomamo, and tries the approach in the above-mentioned each paragraph for the improvement at the right time.