Rheumatism vocabulary

It explains to rheumatism the syllabaric in order to Japaness style .

Āru ē RA Abbreviation of articular rheumatism (Rheumatoid arthritis). It is an autoimmune disease characterized in the symptom of an inflammations such as stiffening and tumors of the joint, and one of the typical glue field diseases. The feature in frequent occurrence and symmetry the joint of the whole body is to be violated.
Āru efu RF It is abbreviation of rheumatoid factor (Rheumatoid factor) that is the autologous antibody detected in about 80% of the patient of the articular rheumatism. However, it should not be detected by all patients, and the specialist interpret it overall while seeing the result of other characteristics to be inspected etc. because it is possible to be likely to detect it even due to a lot of other diseases.
Akusei-kansetsu-riumachi Malignant joint rheumatism It is a condition that the blood vessel flame (blood vessel inflammation) is caused in the articular rheumatism, and the trouble occurs to various internal organs. It is assumed that the appearance of disease frequency is 0.51% of the articular rheumatism, and is specified for specified diseases.
Intāroikin Interleukin It is a kind of the protein (cytokine) that has the physiologic activity secreted from various cells that center on the immunocyte, and a variety of kinds of one has been discovered. The number is put on of each, and it is written as IL-(Interleukin-). In the autoimmune disease such as the articular rheumatisms, it is understood that the one of the type taking part in the inflammation such as IL-1 and IL-6 increases.
Eshi Necrosis The cell that forms body tissues and the organ has died out. It becomes impossible to do the function that the organization had originally in the organization that a large amount of cells have died out and the trouble is caused.
Emuemupī 3 MMP-3 Abbreviation of Matoriccsmetaroprotearze 3. It is included a lot with the enzyme related to the joint destruction in case of the articular rheumatism the serum and in the joint liquid. An early articular rheumatism is an effective index because it indicates a high value that diagnoses the level of the joint destruction.
Emutīekkusu MTX It is abbreviation of the medicine named Metotorekisat (English name Methotrexate). It belongs to the antirheumatic drug, and it is classified into the medicine with a strong anti-rheumatism action. Because the side effect requires noting to the extent that the effect is strong, the passage observation by the specialist is important.
Enshou Inflammation It is a reaction that the living body shows after the organization and the cell receive injury. The reaction disappears by removing the caused stimulation usually. However, because the reaction might be difficult the removal because the inflammation is immune reaction to oneself for the autoimmune disease, and is chronic or be intense, "Antiinflammatory agents" that properly controls this reaction is used.